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We, Service all brands of generator gasoline, diesel, natural gas and propane, and all markets of power generation RV, Marine, residential, Commercial, Industial, and portable.

All Power Solutions offers custom built generator manufacturing including armature design to the marine, residential commercial and industrial markets, and its management team has well over 20 years of combined experience and are fully certified to maintain and service a vast variety of generator types.






The program is designed to keep generator maintenance at the highest level thus ensuring dependability during an emergency situation.


The program has the flexibility of selecting the frequency of maintenance visits and level of maintenance you require for your operation. 


Enclosed find our preventive maintenance agreement in duplicate. Upon receipt of the executed agreement with the effective date filled in, we will schedule your first maintenance visit.


We offer two levels of maintenance programs: LEVEL I and LEVEL II


LEVEL I: Inspection of generator engine, start engine, check engine temperature, oil pressure and transfer switch. (Please call us for more info).


LEVEL II: Change oil and filters (Please call us for more info)


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